In defense of Real madrid’s name

Mundo Deportivo published on the 16th of Feburary of 2012 a fortuneless article under the name of “Sigue la payasada arbitral” (“the referee buffoonery continues”), signed by Luis Racionero. The article is a clear attack to the honour of Florentino Pérez, Megía Dávila and, in the end, Real Madrid. After reading it, a group of club members have decided to get in contact with the club to request the Board of Directors and the Legal Services for criminal measures against Luis Racionero and the director of Mundo Deportivo.

We wanted to thank @Galapago555 for redacting this writing.

Dear President,

The undersigned, all club members or Madridista card holders under your presidency, want to address this writing to you to express our indignation and pain for the attacks we have been receiving as of lately from the media. We wanted to demand an action as we think we can expect of you from being our Club’s President.

This attacks, which sometimes are just are just some kind of acid criticism, have gone on to be what is, in our opinion, unacceptable. No matter we enclose a copy of the article that Mundo Deportivo publishes today (as of 16th of February), signed by Luis Racionero, here we quote some fragments we consider much more than simple criticism, or even criminal:

“(…) they call it The Best League in the World but it is just a farce. In fact, it is the worst, the most corrupt, humiliating and nauseating.  If I were Barça, I would just refuse to keep playing with Florentino’s souped cards, who has an ex-referee to bribe linesmen.

As you can see, you as the President are being insulted seriously and one of the club’s employees is insulted as well, putting down on you a criminal conduct which, in our opinion, could be a crime for Slandering  that is punishable through the article number 205 in our Penal Code. In addition, all club members and fans of the club that you preside in exemplary fashion are being insulted.

As a result of this, we request formally for an action for libel against the writer of the article and the director of Mundo Deportivo through the Legal Services of the club so our Club’s honour and reputation may de defended..

We also wanted to publicly give all our support and sympathy to Carlos Megía Dávila, and tell him that we will respect any decision made in regard to the slanders, whether he proceeds criminally or leaves the affair in the club’s hands.
We would really appreciate a response to this letter. You can direct it to __________

“To send the copy of you member card or Madridista card, we recommend you to take a photograph. It can be taken with your mobile phone and then uploaded to a free file server (tinypic, imageshack…). With the link to the photo plus the number of DNI (or any identity card) and complete name, we will present your signing to the Real Madrid offices along with this letter.”



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